Owo Buredi (2024) [Yoruba Movie]


Owo Buredi Yoruba Movie Download

In the bustling world of artisan bakers where Apa, Okele Tosin Temi and more play lead, Gaji, an industrious and fervent bread maker, becomes ensnared in a riveting tale of love and obstacles.

His affections lie with Ramo (Tosin Olaniyan), an enchanting woman whose father mandates a union with a devout cleric. As flour dust settles, passion rises, setting the stage for a heart-pounding romance amidst the yeast and dough of a challenging workplace.

Find out more. Starring Apa | Ogboluke | Tosin Olaniyan | Okele | Gaji | Tosin Temi and many others.

Watch the video below;


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