Ragee co-produces Chris Brown’s new single ‘Sensational,’ featuring Davido, Lojay


Nigerian multi-talented music producer Ikechukwu Clinton Nnaemeka popularly known as Ragee, has joined forces with Grammy-winning music producer, Philip “Hardwerk” Constable to produce American singer, Chris Brown’s latest single “Sensational.”

Chris Brown released the impressive single on Friday, featuring Nigerian superstars Davido and Lojay. “Sensational” is truly remarkable with a collaboration with two award-winning Nigerian artists, Davido and Lojay. Both artists deliver scorching verses that elevate the song to new heights.

Philip “Hardwerk” Constable and Nigerian producer, Ragee’s expertise shines through in the flawless execution of the song’s captivating beats and melodies. Without a doubt, “Sensational” showcases Chris Brown‘s exceptional songwriting abilities and artistic talent, while the production perfectly complements the artists’ performances, enhancing the ‘sensational’ experience for the fans.

This will be Ragee’s first International production since the beginning of his career. His journey into music production has evidently shown the power of consistency and hard work in perfecting one’s skill. Ragee has successfully worked with several top records and has become one of the biggest music producers in 2023.

The producer is responsible for one of the most resonating taglines in Afrobeats culture today – “initiating rage process”, and he has developed a clinical approach to crafting hit records. Known for his uncanny ability to craft chart toppers across multiple genres, Ragee is the producer behind “Unavailable”, the song with large audience engagements on Davido’s ‘Timeless’ album.


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