Seven Killings (2023)


Seven Killings 2023 Movie Download

In 1940, various forces occupied Nanjing, and special agent Jin Shenshui was constantly hovering between the Japanese military, the Wang puppet government, and the Military Statistics Bureau.

Like walking on the tip of a knife, he had multiple identities and lived cautiously in the devastated city of Nanjing, hiding his true self and searching for his own and even the entire nation’s way of life.

Until he met Lin Yingying, who shared the same hatred for his country and family, but seemed to be more adept than him. In the process of fighting alongside her and engaging in open and secret struggles with various forces, Jin Shenshui, who had survived the chaotic times, began to truly awaken for the first time.

Seven Killings
Genre: Action, Mystery, Drama
Stars: Zhang Yi, Huang Zhizhong, Lang Yueting
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 65mins

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