The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon (2024)


The Pig The Snake and the Pigeon 2024 Chinese Movie Download

The arrogant, third most-wanted criminal in Taiwan, decides to get rid of the top two competitors and crowns himself the most-wanted criminal before dying.

Insatiable greed, hatred and delusion are the crimes and punishments that life will eventually face.

Who’s playing who? Nobody knows. The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon, a traditional Chinese tale which can reflect the situation of Chen Kui-Lin, the main role of this movie.

The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon
Genre: Action, Crime
Stars: Ethan Juan, Ben Yuen Foo-Wah, Chen Yi-Wen
Release Date: 2024
Runtime: 134mins

Watch the trailer below;


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