The Wedding Planner (2024) [Nollywood]


Greg is about getting married to his fiance but finds out that the wedding planner his wife-to-be contracted was his lost long love ADAORA. They lost contact few years ago when Greg travelled to the US.

Now she’s surprised to see him and does not know what to do with the feelings she still has for him, she’s in an abusive relationship with MICHAEL who gave her his blood when she had an accident that almost cost her her life while GREG was still away in the US.

Now should she leave the man who saved her life by giving her his blood or should she follow her heart and go with the man she was supposed to plan his weding?

Find out more. Starring Uche Montana, Deza The Great, Christian Ochiaga and many others.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Stars: Uche Montana, Deza The Great, Christian Ochiaga

Runtime: 109mins

Watch the video below;


Source: The Wedding Planner (2024) [Nollywood]

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